12 October 1935 6 September 2007
Luciano Pavarotti
On the age of 71, Luciano Pavarotti died.
Luciano was born in Modena, Italy in 1935.
As a opera singer he became famous in 1972 by La fille du regiment.
His most famous concerts were with "the three tenors" (Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras) and the opening ceremony of the olympic games in Italy, 2006.

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Signed on 6 October 2018 by: Borgermans Mathieu
Signed on 5 July 2009 by: RACHID MEZROUI
Mikael Jackson you where the greatest man this worlds ever had your heavenly voice has touched millions of peoples hearts&Soul, you are an inspiration to us all. May Incha Allah be with you, rest in peace now and know that we carry a part of you in our hearts.
And Inscha Allah,there will come a time we will meet agian in heaven.
Rachid mezroui from Holland,
Signed on 26 June 2009 by: Patrick Mol
I loved him as a great tenor...
I grew up with his music....It is a lost that we have to bare...

All my love to him and his family
Signed on 26 November 2008 by: francescbruguera@ozu.es
Signed on 14 August 2008 by: Fam Hartog, From holland.
Dear M.R. Luciano
thank you for your beauty music
the music live,s forever.
Signed on 11 July 2008 by: Nans
the greatest voice has died.my haert cry,s.
Signed on 15 April 2008 by: mairead white
I loved your singing and your voice was magic
I know that god is real when I listen to you sing
I saw you 3 times in Ireland and that was special
I want to go to Moderna to your home town
Signed on 20 March 2008 by: vera
Luciano I still hear you in my
houseroom.What a beautyfull noise.The tears falling on my cheak. I still remember you.

A fan.
Signed on 18 February 2008 by: James Ashton-Garbera
Luciano you where the greatest man this worlds ever had your heavenly voice has touched millions of peoples hearts you are an inspiration to us all. May you rest in peace now and know that we carry a part of you in our hearts
Signed on 15 February 2008 by: Heidi
Ich wuensch Dir von Herzen
die suesseste Ruh....
Signed on 8 February 2008 by: veronique
Dear Luciano you are my hero!!
Kissis from Holland
Signed on 7 February 2008 by: vinnie carbone
Signed on 2 February 2008 by: marina de boer
Signed on 20 December 2007 by: Vincent Kent
It is a shame that I never saw you perform live. You were a credit to the human race.

Have just listened to song called "All For Love" in which you do an amazing rendition. I was so amazed and chuffed, I was laughing with admiration.

What a guy.
Signed on 3 December 2007 by: niels
familie heel veel sterkte
Signed on 13 November 2007 by: Martinette Coetzee
I will always remember you and enjoy your voice - you were the best. Your concert at Stellenbosch, South Africa was an experience of a life time.
Signed on 3 November 2007 by: Anand
Signed on 29 October 2007 by: Constance Robson
There was no one like you. I will hear your voice in my heart, as long as I live. Thank you, friend. God rest you.
Signed on 26 October 2007 by: Raoul Reimersdal
Your voice has been a great inspiration to the world and it will be dearly missed, but never shall we forget the sound of your voice and not only that, but your entire being. You will keep on inspiring me in my classical singing. Thank you for all those special moments...
Signed on 15 October 2007 by: M
One of the worlds greatest singers has passed. You will be remembered through the wonderful songs you gave us.

thank you
Signed on 12 October 2007 by: lisa
great friend,go and enjoy the angels whit your voice.......

miss you forever
Signed on 12 October 2007 by: Richard Koopal (NL)
It was your bithday. On this day we miss you much more.
At this moment I play on CD "Caruso" a masterwork.

Rest in peace dear Luciano.
Signed on 12 October 2007 by: Olga Zinovieva
The opera world will never be the same wihtout Luciano Pavarotti, the scplendid singer of our time.
Signed on 1 October 2007 by: George
When i listen to your music emotions will filled my hart and tears come into my eyes what a voice
Signed on 30 September 2007 by: marco
a great man is gone
i never forget you luciano
rest in peace
and please sing for us in haven
i know that the are glad to have you there

mvg marco
Luciano Pavarotti
Luciano Pavarotti
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