What is Condolences.eu?
Condolences.eu is a website for online condolences and remembrances. After a well-known public figure dies, the editors of this website will open an online book of condolences in which everyone can express their sympathy.

Why condolences.eu?
Modern media like internet, radio and TV make acquaintances out of politicians, sportsmen, activists, artists and everyone who dominates the media. We see them on a regular basis in the media, sometimes every day. So naturally, when a well-known person dies, we can feel a sense of loss and berievement. The funeral of Prinses Diana clearly demonstrated how deeply the death of a celebrity can affect our societies.
Condolences.eu aims to visualize and share the common feeling of loss and sadness following te death of someone who all love or admire but who we might not have a personal relationship with.

Who took the initiative for this website
Condolences.eu was launched by Uitvaart.Com, a Dutch internet company specialized in the funeral business. Apart from Condolences.eu, Uitvaart.Com is responsibile for several funeral related website like Condoleance.nl, Deathcare.nl, Uitvaart.nl etc.

In what language do I express my condolences?
We don't want to put any limit or condition on the way you express your condolences or sympathy. Feel free to do this in your own language.

Why is the main language English on this website?
People using Condolences.eu can post in any language they like. The fact that most people use English might indicate geographic location of the majority of our visitors.