17 July 2014
Victims of flight KL4103/MH017 to Kuala Lumpur
A passenger jet of Malaysian Airlines, departing from Amsterdam airport has been shot down over Ukraine. In total, 283 passengers and 15 crew members lost their lives in this event.
A crisis team has been set up at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague. You can contact the Ministry on +31 (0)70 348 7770.

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Signed on 30 July 2014 by: Signed on 30 July 2014 by: Hiroyuki KAWANAMI
Please accept our deepest condolences to the people of the Netherlands and all the person who have lost their relatives friends or colleagues due to this terrible tragedy in particular.

President of JFTD
Signed on 30 July 2014 by: stephen saliba
A complete tragedy. May God help the relatives of the deceased. It is imperative that perpetrators are brought to justice.
Signed on 30 July 2014 by: Janette Abdon
My heart goes out to all the victims and their families of this unforseen circumstances. May God dry your tears and calm your fears. We will continue to pray to you for peace ... and peace to premature death of innocent people.

Welcome into heaven those who have lost their lives.
We will continue to pray to you for the strength we need to overcome the sorrow of all, and for those who are, and will be chosen to end these horrific acts and personal losses. Lord shine your love upon us ... PEACE. My sincere condolences along with my Filipino community to the families and friends of the victims on-board MH17.
Signed on 30 July 2014 by: Sybrand Burger
Innige meegevoel.
Signed on 30 July 2014 by: Peter Ejem
Sorry for the lost of your dear ones.Soroti Lions Club members are with you during this time you mourn your people who were shot down over
Ukraine .We pray for them.Amen .
Lion Peter Ejem
Signed on 30 July 2014 by: Michael Kirby
With sincere condolences and loving memories. Michael Kirby
Signed on 30 July 2014 by: Linda Greenberg
For such a small country, it was absolutely heart-wrenching to see so many caskets brought home. For several years I worked closely with a wonderful Cultural Exchange Org.in Groningen, Jose Hendriksen, Director. Every visit was a real pleasure meeting such exceptionally, warm friendly people. please accept my deepest condolences.
Signed on 30 July 2014 by: Patrick Hondus
Terribly sorry for the loss of lives. So unnecessary and unfortunate. I hope those responsible for this tragedy will be brought to justice soon.
Signed on 30 July 2014 by: Marshall Starkman
I just wanted to take a few minutes to express my sincerely condolences for the grief that has befallen 193 of your precious nation's souls. I have been following this horrendous human catastrophe since last week as well as the situation in Israel very closely, especially today. Words cannot nearly describe my heartfelt sorrow while watching your extremely respectful honors given to the 40 souls that returned to The Netherlands a short time ago. I was brought to tears many times, especially as I watched the Dutch citizens not only line the paths of the local streets along the way to Hilversum but stand along bridges and, even more touching, stopping their cars along the highway and getting out to salute the hearses carrying the 40 souls (similar to how things come to a halt in Israel on Holocaust Memorial Day).

I cannot imagine how tough the past week has been for the Dutch people and knowing what kind of days will be lying ahead. As a resident of the New York City metro area (Long Island), this brings me back to the terrible memories of 9/11 and I can truly empathize with what you are all going through. Based on what I saw on CNN today, you are a nation of proud citizens that will stand together in getting through this horrific and sad time period. To watch King Willem-Alexander holding his wife Queen Maxima as they stood alongside of Prime Minister Rutte as well as families of some victims just goes to show how you all stand as one. You all stand as proud Dutch citizens and it is standing together that will make you stronger and allow you to make it through this time period.

Again, my sincere condolences go out to you, the King and Queen, the Prime Minister as well as every citizen of the Netherlands. I know that G-d will watch over the families of the victims and welcome each and every soul with honor, respect and warmth the way that you did to them today. May the Dutch people find comfort in knowing that the world will never forget here 193 souls and may G-d bless The Netherlands.
Signed on 29 July 2014 by: Liz Hall
I hope it helps during this difficult time to know that your pain and suffering are shared by many people around the world. My thoughts are with you. Liz Hall, USA
Signed on 29 July 2014 by: Aleksandra
Connecting to the pain the families and friends of the ill - fated flight MHO17. I wish dispensing strenght and support during this difficult time for you. May God have you in his care.
Signed on 29 July 2014 by: saoirse fitzpatrick
Sending the families and friends of the passengers on MH017 much strength and support in this tough time.
Signed on 29 July 2014 by: Linda Zimmermann Mackey
My deepest condolences to my fellow countrymen at this tragic loss. Heel veel stertke.
Signed on 29 July 2014 by: Harvy Joy Liwanag
I wish to express my sincerest sympathies to the families and loved ones of those who died in this tragedy. Rest assured of my prayers for those who have died and for those whom they have left behind.
Signed on 29 July 2014 by: Laima
Let Lord comfort you in your most painful sufferings. Avoti family
Signed on 29 July 2014 by: Alicia Guevara
My deepest condolences for the terrible loss you have suffered.
Signed on 29 July 2014 by: Gary Waple
Deepest condolences to all the family and friends of those who lost loved ones in this despicable atrocity.
Signed on 29 July 2014 by: Lucia a Julius Kozma
Our deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of the innocent victims of that terrible crime.
Lucia and Julius
Signed on 29 July 2014 by: embassy of the republic of serbia - sofia
On behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Sofia, please accept our deepest condolences.

Vladimir Curgus,
Signed on 29 July 2014 by: Ulrika Funered
My heartfelt sympathies and sincere condoleances to the people of the Netherlands. Our thoughts are with all those persons that have lost a family member or a friend.
Sincerely yours,
Ulrika Funered
DHM, Embassy of Sweden, London
Signed on 29 July 2014 by: Our Class
We are a class of students from Singapore. On behalf of the students in our school, we wish to express our encouragement and condolences. [1] Our heartfelt condolences goes out to the affected family members of the MH017 victims. No one can understand the pain you are going through but we pray that you will find your peace and comfort. We will stand by your side, giving you the strength and support through this hard time. Your loss is great but your spirit is greater. We hope the victims rest in peace and they will always be in our prayers. May you find the strength to overcome this obstacle in your lives. (From : Shannon Chow, Chelsea Chan, Hui Hui ) [2] Our deepest condolences for the loss of your family members in the MH17 tragedy. We were shocked by the news of the crash of the plane. There are no words to express the sorrow that we feel. Deepest sympathy and prayers for the innocent victims. Our prayers are with you throughout this tragic moment. We hope that the family members of all the victims stay strong. May all victims be by the side of God. “I close my eyes and I can see a better day. I close my eyes and pray” (From Syafiqah, Shalyana and Amira) [3] Dear families of the victims of the tragedy, our deepest condolences to the victim’s families, We are with you in your sorrow.My heart and my prayers go out to all those impacted by this incident.We hope that the cuplrits would be brought to justice. We pray for you all to be safe. (From Wayne Neo, Thien Yu Heng, Shannon Tan ,Seo Hyunsoo, Sheng lin) [4] We feel terrible for your lost of family. We hope that you can stay strong and we are praying for your loved ones to rest in peace. We hope you can recover from your sufferings. Life has downs but we have to accept the obstacles and stand and carry on with our lives. Even though we tried to cheer you up, we know that it is not easy to forget the painful memories you experienced. (From :Chongwen, Kexin, Micah ,Loan, Shalini) [5] There are no words that can help ease your pain and no words that can describe them.You still have a family and a future that can be beautiful, be happy as the victims affected in this terrible act of murder would not want to see you in such sorrow. Just because someone stumbles and falls doesn’t mean that they have lost their way. I hope that all of you affected by this can recover soon and be happy again. (From Ying Xuan ,Mark Teo,Mark Ng) [6] Our deepest condolences to the families of MH17 tragedy. Our prayers are with you. We felt shock towards you loss of the family member. We are all here with you to go through your pain of losing a family member. Hope that you can forget about the incident. (From Irfan, Lukman, Ilyasa) [7] You and your family are in our prayers. Sorry to hear of your loss. We are here for you. We can’t begin to imagine what you are feeling, but let us share our heart-felt condolence. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Pray for them, hoping that they are at a safer place away from all the misery and sufferings. I know they are not here with you at this moment but just know that they will forever stay in your heart. You are in our prayers. We give our condolences to you. (From Ting Hao, Paul, Nigel, Jasmine)
Signed on 29 July 2014 by: Jost Feer
It is impossible for outsiders to fully grasp the pain of those facing such traumatic losses like what has been wrought in the flight KL4103/MH017 tragedy, and nothing can compensate for the passing of their loved ones. Here, we can let them know that they are not alone. RIP.
Signed on 29 July 2014 by: Patricia Smith
Sending our deepest sympathies to the families of those who were lost in this tragic event.
Signed on 29 July 2014 by: Amiet M Dovrat
To all the families that lost the precious of all; your love ones,

The Dovrat family wish to express our sadness over the loss of so many lives that have ended so tragically. We wish them all peace in heaven.

May god protects us all
Signed on 29 July 2014 by: Christopher
We are devastated by the tragic loss of all on KL4103/MH017...we send our love, thoughts and prayers for the victims, their families and friends and to the countries who have lost so many beautiful, talented people. Our love is stronger than all the bad in this world and we stand united with you in grief...Our love Christopher
Victims of flight KL4103/MH017 to Kuala Lumpur
Victims of flight KL4103/MH017 to Kuala Lumpur
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