28 November 1967 8 February 2007
Anna Nicole Smith (Vickie Lynn Hogan)
Anna Nicole Smith (November 28, 1967 February 8, 2007[1]) was an American model, actress and buxom blonde celebrity, who first gained popularity as Playboy magazine's 1993 Playmate of the Year. Smith died in Florida on February 8, 2007. The cause of death has not been determined.

Her highly publicized marriage to oil business executive and billionaire J. Howard Marshall, who was 63 years her senior, resulted in tumultuous speculation that she married the octogenarian merely for his money, which she denied. Following his death, she began a lengthy and ongoing legal battle over a share of his estate. Her case, Marshall v. Marshall, reached the U.S. Supreme Court in February 2006 on a technical question of federal jurisdiction

On February 8, 2007, Smith was found unresponsive in a room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. She was rushed to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood at 2:10 p.m EST (19:10 UTC) while paramedics performed CPR. She was later pronounced Dead upon arrival. Her passing was a little less than five months after her son had died. Smith's boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, was with her when she passed away and has reported to Entertainment Tonight that her temperature was running high the night before. She was 39 years old.

Source: Wikipedia.org

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Signed on 10 June 2007 by: Laa
Give your little girl the power to move on and let her become such a beautiful woman like you was.

Sleep Well Dear Anna.(L)
Signed on 26 May 2007 by: pascal (Holland)
What a nihtmare no more Anna Nicole Smith no more Vickie Lynn Hogan you are in my hart Anna Rust In Pease
Signed on 24 May 2007 by: renate
dear anna, what a tragedy first your beloved son daniel and now you...you were a sweet woman and i know you were a good mother to daniel and dannielyn even you were only with her for 5 months....little dannielyn is now with her real daddy and i hope that she will be a happy little girl...because she has to mis you and daniel and that is deep deep tragic i hope you are with your son daniel and you will watch your little dannielyn forever!!!! rest in peace girl!!! kisses and cuddles from Renate and Savannah
Signed on 16 May 2007 by: beth
good riddence
Signed on 16 May 2007 by: anonymous
Dear Anna,
I'm still in shock, i still cant believe that you are really gone. But i am pleased to see that you are happy now because you're with daniel again. I remember how sad/depressed you were after his death.
So rest in peace and be happy again with Daniel, and watch over cute little Dannilynn
Signed on 10 May 2007 by: karen in england!
what a waste of a young life and of your son daniel,R.I.P both of you,you will live on in your little girl dannilynn.xxmy condolences to your family xx
Signed on 10 May 2007 by: carol UK
Rest in peace Anna, we shall miss you, give our love to your son when you meet again.
Good-night & Godbless. xxx
Signed on 9 May 2007 by: Jimmy
For just a little pissant country girl you made a helluva splash in this world girl! I gotta hand it to ya for all the pain and suffering you had to endure in your final years you should know the great joy you brought to so many throughout your too short time with us here. RIP dear lady and watch over us all.
Signed on 2 May 2007 by: Zoe
Rust zacht
Signed on 28 April 2007 by: jacky
rust in vrede
Signed on 11 April 2007 by: B. Edwards
Anna, you can now rest in peace and be with your son. Its sad to know that heartbreak can take such a beautiful and vibrant woman such as you, so young. Dannielyn is a beautiful little girl just like her momma.
Signed on 9 April 2007 by: Krissy
It is very sad to me that Anna Nicole died this way. I truly believe that after Daniel died, she was extremely depressed, and just wanted to be with her son. I know that tons of people think she killed her self but, I don't buy it. She lost her only son, whom she obviously loved with every ounce of her being. She also had just had a baby, and I feel like Anna would have done ANYTHING for her children, so she would never have killed herself because she wanted to be a Mom to her baby girl. I lost a child when he was 10 and I know how it feels. If I didn't have another child I don't know where I would be at this point. So, Anna Nicole may have been ditzy, but, she seemed to truly adore her kids. We should all stop talking about her in such bad terms, and just let her rest in peace.
Signed on 3 April 2007 by: Mark van lansberge
LAVE YA kissies
Signed on 31 March 2007 by: janice m rullan
my codoleces
Signed on 20 March 2007 by: Elisa
We love you Anna!
Signed on 20 March 2007 by: Ramon
A beautiful lady, rest in peace!
Signed on 17 March 2007 by: KARLYE OLIVER
Dear Anna,
You are an inspirtion! I've always wanted to meet you and your son. Your the most beautiful person I thought and still think thats on television. When I founded out that day that you had passed away I knew that the world was going to fall into a depression of wanting to know why? Why did she have to go right now and who was going to take care of that little baby . But we all know that God does things for a reason and we all will die sooner or later and will all meet again in heaven with our creater!! Well I'm running out of words now . It's time for me to go and I want you to know that I love you ,I love you and good bye !!!! REST IN PEACE ANNA NICOLE By Karlye Oliver in (South Carolina ) ********
Signed on 15 March 2007 by: Angela Verner
On febuary 8th my life came to a halt! The lady I adored was gone.When Anna lost Daniel I grieved with her.All these years I loved that family and never personally knew them.Virgie Aurther you will regret the way treated your daughter.I know in my heart that Anna and Daniel are together in heaven, they are the guardian angels of Dannilyn.Please rest now in eternal peace,I love and will miss you everyday!Thank you for that unforgetable smile! You are truely someone who impacted this world.Rest now my dear Anna.With love,Angela Verner S.C
Signed on 11 March 2007 by: angela
rip now you in a better place with your son
Signed on 10 March 2007 by: chantal
dear anna,
I hope you will rest in peace and have a happy live in heaven!
i was shocked when i hear you were dead.. i was thinking of your little girl and that she doesn't have a mother anymore! I was thinking of your son too, he has his mum back!
dear anna, we will never forget you!
Signed on 9 March 2007 by: bob waterloo
anna, i love you and i never forget you, bobbie
Signed on 9 March 2007 by: robyn
Signed on 8 March 2007 by: Rita
We will miss you Anna. I hope now you can rest in peace !!!!
Signed on 8 March 2007 by: Bonnie R
We all will miss you hun,God bless you. Now you can rest in peace.
Signed on 8 March 2007 by: Anja
Anna Nicole Smith (Vickie Lynn Hogan)
Anna Nicole Smith (Vickie Lynn Hogan)
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